YBCBD | Case Study

YBCBD   |  Case Study

San Francisco | California

The Yerba Buena neighborhood in downtown San Francisco is a fast-growing hub of cultural charisma, entre-preneurship, and diversity.

The area bustles with more than 400 shopping, dining and entertainment venues, world-class museums, convention space, hotels, and educational institutions. Technology companies, retailers and culinary artists incubate the next big thing. Senior housing blends with live/work lofts, family homes and condominiums.

The highest number of children of any San Francisco neighborhood live here. The five-acre Yerba Buena Gardens serves its centerpiece and backyard for a diverse multi-cultural community. Since 2008, the Yerba Buena Community Benefit District — a special assessment district where property owners fund additional cleaning, safety, marketing and other services — has been working to sustain and improve the quality of life for everyone in the neighborhood. In 2015, district property owners and the City were asked to renew the YBCBD for another 15 years.

MJMMG has been the primary service provider of maintenance, cleanliness’s and Community Guide programs since the YBCBD’s formation. The YBCBD also contracted with us to provide comprehensive services to help renew the district.

  • Creating support for the renewal of an expanded special assessment district.
  • Creating an understanding of a new legally required assessment methodology that lowered costs for many, but raised assessments significantly for others.
  • Addressing issues of overall awareness of the CBD neighborhood and the results to improve safety, traffic and cleanliness.
  • Integrating the needs of a wide range of interests — City agencies, law enforcement, nonprofits groups, businesses and residents and community organizations — to support the renewal.
Services Delivered
The YBCBD contracted with MJMMG to provide strategic counsel on the renewal of the CBD and its overall structure. Specifically, services included:
  • A comprehensive review of internal organization documents, operating practices and “external market forces.”
  • Assisting in establishing a Steering Committee of key community leaders and institutions.
  • Coordinating public outreach to determine the support for renewal and/or expansion of the District including, such as individual stakeholder interviews and community meetings.
  • Developing a property database with complete contact information.
  • Developing a new management plan and required updated engineer’s report with boundaries, services plans, budgets and assessment methodology, among other items.
  • Coordinating a petition drive, including drafting the petition, securing approval from the City, distributing/mailing the petition with the draft management plan and engineer’s report to all property owners within the boundaries; and conducting outreach to collect petitions.

“MJMMG’s a great community partner that helps us keep our district clean and safe.”

Cathy Maupin| Yerba Buena Community Benefit District


  • Yerba Buena property owners and the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted overwhelmingly in July 2015 to renew the YBCBD for 15 years. More than 84 percent of the property owner ballots cast voted in favor of the renewal.
  • The renewal campaign was a success because of the strong commitment of our Steering Committee, Board of Directors, City leaders, staff and many community members.
  • A comprehensive community outreach program informed us about neighborhood priorities to include in our updated Management Plan. New in 2016 are pedestrian safety and traffic enforcement initiatives and additional Clean Team members and Community Guides to help keep the neighborhood clean and safe.
  • MJMMG has been the primary service provider of maintenance, cleanliness’s and Community Guide programs since the YBCBD’s formation and was a awarded the contract to continue those services in 2015.

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