SPUR features MJMMG + Mary McCue in The Urbanist

Over the last 20 years, MJMMG President and CEO, Mary McCue, has become a recognized expert in public space design, planning and management. In the April 2013 issue of The Urbanist, SPUR’s acclaimed magazine on ideas and action for improving cities, Mary explores how to make urban public spaces thrive, common mistakes in activating public spaces and her life-long passion for improving the public realm.

A passion and guiding vision for over 20 years.

In this informative and personal in-depth interview, Mary reveals that public spaces should be accessible to all and how they should celebrate diversity to achieve the greater social good. By applying a holistic approach to envisioning and activating public space that is energized, comfortable, clean, and safe, everyone wins.

An award-winning history of public space success.

Since 1993, Mary McCue has led MJMMG’s team of award-winning strategists, advisors and managers to plan, activate and maintain parks, districts and developments to improve their financial and social performance. To learn more about MJMMG’s services, case studies and their unique approach to public space, just click here.

The urban planning and policy reference resource.

SPURThe nonprofit organization SPUR promotes good planning and good government in the San Francisco Bay Area through research, education and advocacy. To stay abreast of important issues and policies affecting the Bay Area and cities around the world, there’s no better source than The Urbanist. And as the West Coast’s leading planning and public policy magazine, we’re thrilled to be included in it.

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