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Our clients are in renowned, respected and challenging locations across the nation. Our reputation and success with them is built on a 25-year heritage of refined skills and expertise in this one-of-a-kind, continuously changing category.

Property Developers | MJMMG

Public spaces add financial value to surrounding assets. We work with developers in a full service capacity to increase revenue and reach—from conception to day-to-day management. Our unique experience with public spaces allows for improved site planning and accurate budgeting to achieve community and financial goals.

We address development requirements and stakeholder interests for a publicly shared environment working effectively with government entities. We integrate and manage a public space component that’s inviting, complimentary and self-sustaining. In our business planning, for example, we may study best uses and designs for buildings and open spaces to maximize the site’s potential as a community gathering spot and revenue generator.

We often develop a new organizational structure for management, planning and revenue generating programming of public spaces. The best public spaces involve a high level of community engagement to encourage visits, involvement and pride—results that drive site traffic and improve a developer’s reputation to secure new business.
Government + Public Agencies | MJMMG

MJMMG transforms public spaces and manage them on behalf of government entities. We believe that public spaces should be accessible to all and celebrate diversity to achieve the greater social good. We take a holistic approach envisioning, revitalizing and re-imagining existing or new public spaces so they are energized, comfortable, clean, safe, sociable and sustainable.

This happens with effective collaboration with the diverse interests involved in public space development and management to break down barriers that inhibit transformation. Defining community objectives — documenting and understanding community’s unique needs — is critical to a location’s long-term success. Everyone must win.

MJMMG has a proven track record of building trusted relationships with government agencies, community groups and local businesses, among others, to advance constituent’s goals. Our work with government entities addresses regulations and requirements for public spaces, including items like collecting and reporting event permit fees, safety requirements, environmental regulations, and more. Throughout the nation, we have addressed urban challenges and transformed public spaces into sustainable community assets.
Public + Private Partnerships | MJMMG

We manage active sites for you. Public/private entities address complex urban challenges impacting a diversity of stakeholders. We work with property owners and special assessment districts to address conditions affecting visitor traffics, rental/retail revenue, market perceptions, safety, cleanliness and long-term value.

We have successfully conducted community and public affairs programs to generate support for special assessment districts. We oversee property management, event programming and management, maintenance, engineering, safety and some landscaping. Working with public/private entities, we have been successful at removing complex barriers that inhibit transformation and activation of a sustainable public spaces to improve attraction, foster participation, optimize efficiency and deliver long-term community value.

Silver Ventures | Project for Public Spaces
Pearl Brewery
San Antonio | TX

Karin Bacon Events
Independence Mall National Historic Park
Philidelphia | PA

Related Urban | Rios Clementi Hale Studios
Grand Park
Los Angeles | CA

City of Oviedo | Project for Public Places
Oviedo Community Park
Oviedo | FL

City of San Antonio
Main Plaza—Hemisfair Park
San Antonio | TX

CMG Landscape Architecture
Treasure Island
San Francisco | CA

The San Francisco Shipyard
San Francisco | CA

Millennium Partners
Yerba Buena Lane
San Francisco | CA

Simon Martin-Vegue Windelstein Moris
San Francisco Historical District
San Francisco | CA

Royston, Hanamoto, Alley & Abey
St. James Park
Sunnyvale | CA

Fulton Pedestrian Mall
Fresno | CA

Phillips & Fotheringham
Union Square Park Collaborative
San Francisco | CA

Millennium Partners
Jessie Square
San Francisco | CA

Treasure Island
San Francisco | CA

Mayor’s Office of Economic Development
San Francisco | CA

VCS Sports
Yerba Buena Ice & Bowling
San Francisco | CA

Office of Community Investment + Infrastructure
Yerba Buena Gardens
San Francisco | CA

Mission Bay Parks Systems
San Francisco | CA

City and County of San Francisco
Hunter’s Point Shipyard
San Francisco | CA

City and County of San Francisco
6th Street Corridor
San Francisco | CA

City and County of San Francisco
Union Square Park
San Francisco | CA

Children’s Creativity Museum
San Francisco | CA

Uptown Parking Corporation
San Francisco | CA

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Ethan Kent| Project for Public Spaces