Mission Bay Park | Case Study

Mission Bay Parks  |  Case Study

San Francisco | California

Mission Bay, a former rail yard, industrial site and shipyard, is a 303-acre multi-use project under development along San Francisco’s western waterfront. Today, it is home to the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) research campus, biotech and other major companies, neighborhood serving retail, residential housing (market rate, condominiums, affordable and senior housing) and parkland. AT&T Park, home of the San Francisco Giants, sits nearby to Mission Creek, which is lined with houseboats. Its first parks opened in 2004 and over 12 acres of parks are developed currently.

When completed, the project will include 41 acres of public open space, including parks along Mission Creek, the bay frontage and eight acres within the UCSF campus. Today’s parkland includes landscaped gardens and open space that incorporate walkways, bicycle paths, formal seating areas, basketball, tennis and volleyball courts, a public kayak pier, and gated dog play area. Some of these places coexist along shoreline and wetland areas. Mission Bay, a project started by the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency, and continued by the Office of the City Administrator, is the City’s newest neighborhood and business center that continues to evolve today.

  • Creating a new management, operations and maintenance for existing and evolving parkland on behalf of the Office of the City Administrator.
  • Addressing diverse uses and populations — from civic and cultural events to large and small gatherings — in a complex multi-stakeholder environment.
  • Developing and implementing a community outreach strategy to build community consensus.
  • Determining best uses and designs for a diversity of parkland and open space to meet the needs of residents and businesses, while protecting the environment and ensuring community safety.
  • Overcoming the urban challenges and perceptions this once industrial area to build a reputation for Mission Bay Parks as the City’s most welcoming, attractive, vibrant and user-friendly spaces.
Services Delivered
More than 12 acres of parks are developed and managed by MJMMG on behalf of the Office of the City Administrator. Our services in Mission Bay began in 2003 and include:
  • Development and implementation of programming, maintenance, operation and security for the park system, including work plans, budgets, and reporting requirements.
  • Comprehensive community outreach program to address stakeholder needs and build community.
  • Strategic counsel on park “placemaking” to activate the parks to meet the needs of the Mission Bay community, including management and implementation of a wide diversity of events and coordination with major tenants in and around the neighborhood (i.e. S.F. Giants).
  • Implemented a comprehensive sustainability program.
  • Technical support and maintenance advice by our management and engineering staff to property managers and their agents on open spaces areas between residential buildings.
  • In 2011 alone, MJMMG participated in 17 community meetings were held with key stakeholders to address local needs.
  • Community outreach programs, such as the quarterly Park Coordination Meeting created by MJMMG, sustain strong, supportive relationships with residents, building managers, businesses and other institutions in the Mission Bay community. Some of these include: UCSF, San Francisco Giants, Mission Creek Harbor Association and residential property managers and property developers.
  • Developed a wide variety of programming for the neighborhood while taking into consideration major events occurring at AT&T Park. A sampling of events produced at the parks include Kite Day for Kids, Howl-O-Ween for dogs and their owners, a neighborhood basketball tournament and jazz concerts.
  • Since the park system opened in 2004, more than 200 private events have been permitted at the park and at Mission Creek Park Pavilion. These private events generate revenue that offsets some operational costs and currently funds 9 free public events annually.
  • Established a 100 percent green waste and recycling program: compositing food, all landscape and living plant materials, and paper. Wood and metals are reused or recycled. All special events must comply with established recycling programs.
  • Technical support and maintenance advice by our management and engineering staff has identified several hardscape and landscape prevention projects saving thousands of dollars each year in maintenance and labor costs.

“MJMMG always engages the community in a positive way. ”

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