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Every public space has its own character, style and culture that must be accounted for in planning, activating, operating and maintaining a site. We apply experience from projects around the nation to achieve our client’s and a community’s unique goals. Our approach incorporates the proven practices below that enhance the opportunity for long-term success.


We believe in the values of inclusion. Public spaces should be accessible to all and celebrate diversity to achieve the greater social good. Defining community objectives—documenting and understanding a community’s unique needs—is critical to a location’s long-term success. We improve urban experiences by taking a holistic approach to activate and re-envision public spaces so they are energized, comfortable, clean, safe and sociable.

Success | Yerba Buena Gardens In collaboration with the Yerba Buena Gardens Festival, MJMMG organizes ethnic festivals, poetry readings and youth programs are part of an eclectic line up of about 150 musical performances, fairs and events held annually that reflect the neighborhood’s diversity and help to build community.


Effective collaboration breaks down barriers that inhibit transformation. We use a proven hands-on approach to working with the diverse interests involved in public space development and management. We build trusted relationships with government agencies, community groups and local businesses, among others, to achieve constituent’s goals.

Success | Union Square Park Union Square Park is an historic community centerpiece amid an upscale shopping district, yet, for years it was underutilized. Today, in partnership with the community and San Francisco Recreation & Parks, it offers something inviting for everyone from a Taiwanese cultural festival, Alonzo King Lines Ballet to movie nights for families.


Our experience has given us a keen understanding of how to design, manage, operate and improve the public space environment—and implement strategies so that places pay for themselves over the long-term. This has allowed us to refine our tools and techniques for creating public spaces that are welcoming, vibrant and built for sustained success.

Success | Mission Bay Park Technical support and maintenance advice by our management and engineering staff has identified several hardscape and landscaping projects saving thousands of dollars each year in maintenance and labor costs, such as bioswales and low maintenance plantings.


We use our proven team approach to achieve our client’s goals. This approach is grounded in the values of successful property management. This approach includes: preventive maintenance planning; careful yet creative event production management; staff development that stresses a balance between initiative and responsibility; and rigorous training programs to reinforce the need for thoughtful planning, documentation and fiscal practices. Communication, coordination and preparing for future change with our clients are essential approaches to long-term success.

Success | Grand Park We created a nonprofit governance structure for The Los Angeles County Grand Park to allow for private donations to the park and forging strategic partnerships with relevant organizations and government entities.


Sustainable practices are essential to the long-term success of a location and a community’s well being. They ensure that properties we manage not only are green, clean and safe, but they are friendly, inviting and active, and financially viable. In all of our projects, we ensure the highest levels of recycling, reuse, composting, and landscape management through non-toxic integrated pest management. We apply sustainable policies and practices in daily operations, landscape management, event production, equipment and materials procurement, and in training programs. Sustainability is also involves finding income streams to reduce costs at public spaces, such as using fewer raw materials in landscaping and determining if tax benefits apply.

Success | Yerba Buena Gardens We pioneered green practices in all aspects for operations at Yerba Buena Gardens in the mid-1990s before standards emerged.

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